Our Food

Our menu has been thoughtfully designed by our Executive Chef, Emilia Rowan, around 3 key criteria: Quality, Simplicity & Creativity. If we stick to these, the great taste and healthy benefits will come naturally!

All our dishes are prepared on site, using the finest local and seasonal ingredients. Please see our supplier list here.


Our menu has been nutritionally assessed and calorie counted by Dublin based dietician Orla Walsh. Orla worked with us to create a nutritionally balanced menu that caters to all dietary needs.  

Orla believes that a healthy diet is a well-rounded and balanced one. This belief is reflected in our menu!







  • Form and nurture relationships with customers, suppliers and the local community  


  • Develop new dishes, using in-season produce, to keep the menu imaginative and exciting


  • Use eco-friendly processes and biodegradable packaging, where possible, to keep Mother Earth happy


  • Deliver delicious food, with a smile, on time…..
    every time!